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Portable Bio Toilet
Rental Service

  • Only leading American brand products are used

  • Transportation  and placement of bio-toilets on any scale and location

  • Placing bio toilets on any floor and height with a special lifting device

  • Fitting bio toilets with hand wash facility

  • Sensory lighting for toilet interior

  • Carrying out pumping and sewage works with vacuum trucks 

  • We supply our portable toilets with bio-chemical solutions
    High pressure washing / full cleaning

  • Clean water supply


The main mission of Lime LLC is to introduce a safe and high-quality products adapted to international standards in the field of services with an innovative approach.

It should be noted that social responsibility occupies a large place in the company's daily activity, the main direction of which is environmental protection and elimination of ecological problems. 


Our purpose is to create an environment that ensures the improvement of the quality of life of each of us. In full compliance with modern technologies and American standards, to offer the customer reasonable and optimal solutions, individually tailored to the needs and requirements of each business sector or individual person.

Construction Site Managers
ბიო ტუალეტი - კაბინები

About "Lime" LLC

Lime LLC is equipped with only American-made, high-quality bio toilets and disinfection solutions. The main direction of the company is to provide quality services in full compliance with western standards. 

See the article about us on the link

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