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The history of the Lime LLC originates from the United States, the place where portable toilets emerged in the 40s of the last century. The founders of the company gained a lot of experience in this field in the USA, which they later successfully used in Georgia. Lime LLC is equipped only with American-made, high-quality bio toilets, disinfection solutions and vacuum trucks. Since this business belongs to the service sector, the service standards are also American, which is expressed in the following:

  • Orders can be made 24/7;

  • Fast and quality service;

  • Qualified team of professionals;

  • Providing customized service to clients;

Lime LLC provides the service of renting portable bio toilets both for private individuals and for organizations. We specialize in:

  • Outdoor events of various scales

  • Construction industry

  • Sport and cultural activities

  • Military trainings

Lime LLC introduces various innovations in the field of products and services in order to meet market demand and offer Georgian consumers the highest quality, clean and orderly service. See the article about us on the link

portable toilets

Company mission

Innovative approach, international standards and quality service!

The mission of the company is, with innovative approache, to introduce a safe and quality producs which provide for the creation of a comfortable, ecologically clean and modern environment for customers within the framework of legal regulations. 
It should be noted that social responsibility occupies a large place in the daily activity of the company, the main direction of which is environmental protection and elimination of ecological problems.

Our partner:

A leading construction equipment rental company →

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