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Company’s professional team offers the following services:

  • Portable toilet and portable hand wash station rental services

  • Providing transportation throughout Georgia

  • At any location, conducting maintenance / cleaning services for events, construction or other projects 

  • We cooperate with individually adjusted, flexible conditions

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Along with the rental of bio toilets, we also offer additional services:

  • Transportation / installation of portable inventory  

  • Carrying out pumping works with vacuum trucks

  • Providing maintenance of portable toilets with leading brand biochemical solutions 

  • High pressure washing, complete cleaning of bio toilets

  • Handicap Portable Toilet

  • Providing fresh water

  • Transportation  and placement of bio-toilets on any scale and location

  • Fitting bio toilets with hand wash facility

  • Sensory lighting for toilet interior

  • Placing bio toilets on any floor and height with a special lifting device

  • Wheelchair Accessible Bio toilet

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A portable bio toilet can be equipped with:

  • In-unit handwash station

  • With soap and paper towel dispenser

  • Sensory lighting for toilet interior

And the set of free-standing mechanical hand wash station includes: ​

  • Two taps

  • Two soap and two towel dispensers

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